UK: Wanzl emporium pattern for Marks & Spencer scoops awards

UK: Wanzl emporium pattern for Marks Spencer scoops awards

A emporium building pattern formed on a ‘natural’ theme, that was combined for Marks Spencer by retailer of sell solutions Wanzl, has been recognized by dual inhabitant sell pattern awards. Marks Spencer’s food halls knowledge debuted during Westfield, Stratford, final year and claimed tip esteem in ‘The Vinci Food and Supermarket Design of a Year’ and ‘The Patton Best Department Store of a Year’ categories during a new Retail Week Interiors Awards. Quality British sell code Marks Spencer denounced a all-new healthy demeanour for a food halls in an image-defining new store during a heart of London’s Olympic sell centre in Stratford, East London. The Westfield store was a initial in a Marks Spencer portfolio of food halls and Simply Food stores to accept a makeover, that has given been introduced to around 300 of a brand’s 700 outlets. Wanzl will finish a full roll-out by summer 2013.

Designed to make a patron knowledge “warmer and some-more mouth-watering to a touch”, sell pattern manager for MS, Chris Sampson, believes it presents a peculiarity of MS Food and Wine in an sourroundings that is some-more deli than supermarket. The new demeanour will also associate with Marks Spencer’s settled ‘Plan A’ joining to reliable and tolerable product sourcing – achieved within ‘an altogether some-more visually engaging and engaging’ sell experience. Sampson said: “The use of joist resonates with a products, conveying a clarity of market-fresh and rational integrity to a food on offer. Working with retailer Wanzl, we have been means to continue regulating a proven wire-based food gymnasium shelving, introducing joist elements that give a worldly coming to a sell space.”

Manager of a plan for Wanzl UK Group, Clive Jury, said: “We are intensely unapproachable that a work with MS has helped them to secure a prestigious Retail Week Interiors Awards. The approval of a emporium pattern as ‘best in class’ by a attention endorses a proceed that we have taken to formulating a heading edge, well-designed demeanour that can broach a some-more certain and cultured patron knowledge in a normal food gymnasium environment. This replicates in many ways a continental sell knowledge that places a clever importance on a healthy display of foods, underlining their mutation and quality.”



Publication date: 10/25/2012