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Business Plan Update

Following on from my post on “Business Plan – An important lesson” I have had comments about the minimum requirements for a business plan and where they can get an expanded contents list that they can use rather than just the main sections. Now, I have to admit that I do understand the frustrations that [...]

Your Business Plan – An important lesson

I was talking to a restauranteur friend of mine last week, a very successful one at that, and we were discussing how he set his business up and what were some of the issues/problems that he would approach differently. I was most surprised when I raised the issue of writing a business plan and how [...]

business.gov.au business formulation video

       Meet Albert McFlaherty . Earlier this year, Albert started offered lemonade from his lemonade stand. Soon, his business began to surpass his expectations, so he motionless to expand. But Albert didn’t know where to start or who could assistance him. Luckily it was a year 2012 and there was many an internet to be found. [...]