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Advice from a Family Retailer

It is so important to know all the pitfalls and lessons of working in retail. The blog below gives some great advice and insight for those running a retail business and for those working in the business. The 5 points raised by Hiten are just so valuable to the success of your retail business. As [...]

Some “what not to do’s”

We keep talking about the value of your staff to your business. If they are not happy and kept engaged and involved with you in your business, you will fail. This was an interesting observation. It tells an important story. What NOT to do when you start a new Business Posted by Hiten Thakrar on [...]

Good advice is priceless

Small business owners must always have a great mentoring program in place. The article attached gives some very simple but great advice from one of our most successful businessmen, Marc Bouris, on what to do to survive. Good advice is priceless Date    July 16, 2012 Mark Bouris Mark Bouris: Big or small lender? When taking [...]

Ron Johnson on Retail

Retail Isn’t Broken. Stores Are An Interview with Ron Johnson by Gardiner Morse FEATURED PRODUCTS When Ron Johnson left Target in 2000 to join Apple as senior VP for retail, conventional wisdom held that a computer maker couldn’t sell computers. Johnson tossed out the retailing rule book and, working alongside Steve Jobs, built the Apple [...]

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