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The Satisfied Customer – Great Service Still Exists

Well it certainly is a change to be able to write an absolutely positive blog on an eating experience. It’s becoming a not so common occurrence. However, for all you Australians out there and of course for those wonderful international visitors traveling in the Adelaide area, we were treated to a fantastic experience by our [...]

JCPenney in Bradenton reshapes store

BRADENTON — The JCPenney dialect store during DeSoto Square mall in Bradenton will betray a new demeanour Thursday directed during lifting sales in time for a holiday selling season. The changes embody a new building blueprint anchored by clusters a tradesman calls “hard shops” that apart a sell by particular brands instead of sell categories. [...]

Retail Landlords: Malls Doing Well Despite Online Sales

By Kris Hudson In annoy of a fast arise in online sales that have harm a series of inhabitant retailers, a biggest shopping-mall companies are doing utterly well, appreciate you. That was a counterintuitive summary delivered Tuesday by several arch executives of heading sell skill owners during International Strategy Investment’s genuine estate conference. ISI, an [...]

Is a European Retail Rebound for Real?

Weirdly enough, a really latest European sell numbers are substantially better than expected. The French sell PMI rebounded to 47.9 in Sep from 44.2 in August. On an annualized basis, a sell sales decrease was a smallest in 7 months. The Spanish YoY retail sales decrease in Aug was only -2.1% – distant milder than the expected -6.1%. [...]

INFOGRAPHIC: Retail Employers, You’re Doing it Wrong

Greg Voakes   Class2Go: A New Way of Learning Study Break: 3 Amazing Indie Platform Games for Mac to Keep Your Mind Sharp Nexus 7 Vs. Kindle Fire HD: Which Is Best For Students? Try to have a review with a sell manager, and you’ll hear a woes and irritated tinge interfuse by their eyes [...]

Future of Retail: How Companies Can Employ Big Data to Create a Better Shopping Experience

By Christopher Matthews | @crobmatthews | August 31, 2012 | You don’t have to be a management consultant to know that we are all besieged by information, but it’s the consultant’s job to come up with a snappy buzzword to describe the phenomenon, and they have settled upon the catchall term “Big Data.” Everything from [...]

Advice from a Family Retailer

It is so important to know all the pitfalls and lessons of working in retail. The blog below gives some great advice and insight for those running a retail business and for those working in the business. The 5 points raised by Hiten are just so valuable to the success of your retail business. As [...]