Can Your Business Be Franchised?

Can Your Business Be Franchised

In their book Franchise Bible: How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own Business, authors Erwin J. Keup and Peter E. Keup fact both a basis and a finer points of this renouned means of expanding a business. In this edited excerpt, a authors report how to establish if your business would advantage from franchising.

Can your business be franchised? If we have a successful business that is receptive to a informal or inhabitant complement of offering and we don’t wish to share control or risk a celebrity conflicts that come with bringing in investors, afterwards franchising competence be your best march of action. To assistance we establish if your business could be franchised, examination some of a qualifiers and considerations described below.

First, weigh yourself as a intensity franchisor. Someone who competence successfully work a business that is receptive to franchising competence not be cut out to be a franchisor. Remember that franchising is some-more than a business of offering services or products. In addition, we will be an educator, trainer, psychologist, minister, and incessant hand-holder to your franchisees. You will also be a price collector, extracting an initial price for a franchisee to start business and afterwards collecting royalties for a life of a franchise.


Franchise Bible 7E
Franchise Bible 7E

By Erwin J. Keup and Peter Keup

Always remember to concede your sold franchisees a coherence to conduct their possess businesses and always yield them as eccentric business owners, not employees. It is critical we delicately set onward a discipline of this eccentric executive attribute in a initial contract, a avowal document, and all communications to franchisees.

Don’t cruise franchising your business unless we have a known, internal marketplace for your product or service. Marketability is dynamic by need, and need is dynamic by competition.

For example, if we are using a hamburger stand, your chances of anticipating a marketplace for your authorization and a marketplace for your franchisees are comparatively tiny in today’s business community.

However, if we have a singular approach of using a hamburger stand, it is wholly probable to authorization it. Take a Wendy’s operation, that gained steam by introducing in-line burger preparation, rather than a normal process of scheming hamburgers and environment them on a warming tray until someone places an order. Wendy’s catered to consumers who wanted to see their hamburgers done to sequence right before their eyes.

Demand is a essential force here. It is usually as critical as uniqueness. Your singular product or use contingency be preferred not usually by a people who wish to buy franchises from you, though also by a people who will buy products or services from a franchisees.

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If your product or use is comparatively new and not extensively offering by anyone else though is in demand, we initial contingency establish where your products or services would sell, formed on needs identical to those of your benefaction customers. For example, a new form of thermal underwear wouldn’t go over good with Palm Springs, Calif., residents, though a successful gas-saving device competence take reason anywhere in a world.

If your product or use isn’t comparatively new, we can keep marketplace investigate firms to ready reports on a forms of consumers in several regions, or do your possess investigate during a library anxiety dialect and by acid on a Internet. Interview existent franchisors and franchisees for their insights.

Government agencies can also yield demographic information and marketplace investigate data. The U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and a U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics  have conducted endless studies on a informal consumer habits. Search for “consumer habits” on these supervision websites.

If your product or use is singular or in demand, constraint this aberration by a use of a trademark, for a product, or use mark, for services, so that a open associates your product with a sold trademark. Apply for a purebred symbol as shortly as possible, before a initial authorization agreement is negotiated and consummated. Determine that no other entity has already cumulative a purebred rights of your sold heading or use mark. You can do so for reduction than $600 by contacting one of many heading hunt firms.

Before we launch your franchising plan, ready a consummate business devise so we can demeanour during a financial cost any new opening will need to get adult and running; afterwards review that with a income we can design to accept from fees, royalties, and sales. Include costs that are specific to franchising, such as beyond costs such as salaries and advantages for yourself and conduct bureau employees, trainers and sales staff; as good as rent, bureau equipment, automobile allowances, and travel. Include a cost of anticipating franchisees — ads, roving to authorization shows, scheming brochures and videos, and entertaining. Add a healthy stipend for startup and ongoing legal, accounting, and promotion fees.

Be overly regressive on a timing and income we design from your authorization outlets. You will have dynamic a reduction of authorization fees, royalties, and product sales that will move we income from your franchisees. Pad your expectations of when these revenues will upsurge behind to you, instead of basing your predictions on how your business worked in a past.

Franchise Bible: How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own BusinessThis essay is an mention from Franchise Bible: How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own Business accessible from Entrepreneur Press.

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