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Retail Landlords: Malls Doing Well Despite Online Sales

By Kris Hudson In spite of the rapid rise in online sales that have hurt a number of national retailers, the biggest shopping-mall companies are doing quite well, thank you. That was the counterintuitive message delivered Tuesday by several chief executives of leading retail property owners at International Strategy Investment’s real estate conference. ISI, an [...]

Is the European Retail Rebound for Real?

Weirdly enough, the very latest European retail numbers are substantially better than expected. The French retail PMI rebounded to 47.9 in September from 44.2 in August. On an annualized basis, the retail sales decline was the smallest in seven months. The Spanish YoY retail sales decline in August was just -2.1% – far milder than the expected -6.1%. [...]

A New Experimental Starbucks: Tiny, Portable, And Hyper Local

This week in Colorado, Starbucks opened a store unlike any before it. There are no leather chairs or free power outlets. In fact, there’s no space for the customer at all. Starbucks has reimagined the coffee hut as a “modern modular,” LEED-certified drive-thru and walk-up shop. The building was constructed in a factory and delivered [...]

Planting the Flag

APOLOGIES to Milan and Tokyo. Regrets to Stockholm and Paris. Forgive me, Eindhoven, Berlin, Barcelona and, most particularly, New York. But London is the design capital of the world. Ounce for ounce, bloke for bloke, Britain produces better designers and design impresarios than anywhere else. They build retail emporiums, as Sir Terence Conran did. Or [...] marketing plan video

       Meet Edwin Z Ingleton . Edwin is a proud ice-cream business owner. However, his first venture into the industry was no success story. He was passionate about his quirky flavours but he needed to change his market strategy and didn’t know where to start. Edwin found practical tools and information to help him create a [...]

London Design Festival 2012: Conran Shop goes Crimson for LDF

As a joint celebration of the a 10th successful year of London Design Festival, and the 25th year of the world famous Conran shop at the Michelin Building in London’s leafy Kensington area, Sir Terrence has turned his flagship into a tribute to the iconically British pillar box red, as sported by post boxes, phones [...] business planning video

       Meet Albert McFlaherty . Earlier this year, Albert started selling lemonade from his lemonade stand. Soon, his business began to exceed his expectations, so he decided to expand. But Albert didn’t know where to start or who could help him. Luckily it was the year 2012 and there was many an internet to be found. [...]

Can Your Business Be Franchised?

In their book Franchise Bible: How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own Business, authors Erwin J. Keup and Peter E. Keup detail both the basics and the finer points of this popular means of expanding a business. In this edited excerpt, the authors describe how to determine if your business would benefit from [...]

INFOGRAPHIC: Retail Employers, You’re Doing it Wrong

Greg Voakes   Class2Go: A New Way of Learning Study Break: 3 Amazing Indie Platform Games for Mac to Keep Your Mind Sharp Nexus 7 Vs. Kindle Fire HD: Which Is Best For Students? Try to have a conversation with a retail manager, and you’ll hear the woes and exasperated tone permeate through their eyes [...]

Australian Taxation Office video series

       Friday 14 September 2012 The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has released a series of GST video tips that aim to help small businesses understand the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and how to better meet their tax obligations. The videos offer practical tips to help you manage GST in your business. Each of the [...]

Future of Retail: How Companies Can Employ Big Data to Create a Better Shopping Experience

By Christopher Matthews | @crobmatthews | August 31, 2012 | You don’t have to be a management consultant to know that we are all besieged by information, but it’s the consultant’s job to come up with a snappy buzzword to describe the phenomenon, and they have settled upon the catchall term “Big Data.” Everything from [...]

Advice from a Family Retailer

It is so important to know all the pitfalls and lessons of working in retail. The blog below gives some great advice and insight for those running a retail business and for those working in the business. The 5 points raised by Hiten are just so valuable to the success of your retail business. As [...]