About Us

Welcome to our website.

WGM Design Group is dedicated to assisting both Retail Business Entrepreneurs and Retail Designers.

We have designed and managed the construction of approx. 400 retail and small commercial businesses and I have personally been involved in the Architecture business for over 40 years, and along with my small retail business experience, I have also had experience in many major shopping centres/malls and hospitality projects both in Australia and the USA.

It is from this history of 40 plus years experience in the Architecture and Retail Hospitality industry, and from the aspect of retail designer and project manager, that we have developed this blog site.

This experience has also given me a great insight into the retail field from both sides of the coin, Centre Management viewpoint and Specialty Retailers viewpoint.

Together with our passion for retail and retail design, it is a place that will provide some very useful tips on current trends and technology developments in the retail industry.

We will post some interesting articles that are out there that may assist you with some of your decision making and possible changes in direction, that your business should take to combat changes in the bricks and mortar (physical) retail business sector.

When I started researching areas that I felt retail business owners would be looking for, we found there are many thousands of websites already in existence out there on the internet posting very good information on all the individual aspects of business startups. However, to be able to make some sense out of the information it became a very difficult task to determine what information best suited the small retail business entrepreneur.

As many great marketers have been saying, physical retail is with us for the long haul, we just need to adapt our business to take advantage of the changes, and ensure we embrace technology as it develops, so that we don’t just stay ahead of our competition but stay ahead of the consumer.

As we all know, retail business is going through some tough times in some areas. (as if I’m telling you something you didn’t know.) Why is this you ask? Well there are some that would say it’s all because of eCommerce eating into our business, cost of labour, running costs, etc. etc. etc. Yes all of these elements do have an impact, however, there are many businesses thriving and we need to understand what makes a successful physical retail business today.

Below is a small section of an interview between Ron Johnson of Apple fame and HBR journalist Gardiner Morse

Gardiner Morse (12/1/11), a journalist from Harvard Business Review, recently asked of Johnson: “Brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling, in part because of the growth of e-commerce. Is the traditional retail model broken? 

In part, his reply was (Johnson):

”I don’t think the model is broken at all. Many stores are executing it very well.” “Today the Apple Stores are the highest performing stores in the history of retailing.” “Physical stores are still the primary way people acquire merchandise, and I think that will be true 50 years from now.”

Well, his statement that Physical stores are the still the primary way people acquire merchandise should encourage us all to follow our dreams in this industry, we just have to change our focus. This is a fantastic and rewarding business field to be in so I felt I should share with you some of the information that is out there.

To paraphrase one of our great retail guru’s Martin Pegler :-

“Retail is the stage and people are the audience who come to see, to shop and to be entertained.”

It is up to us to create a great stage for our audience so they will have an experience to remember. They will spread the word and of course return for more.

So, we hope the blogs we post will be of some assistance in filtering out some of the better articles for you.

 Happy Retailing

Warren M